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Soff Cut

Soff Cut is an early entry dry cutting system that controls cracking through an early timing of the cut. Soff Cut is especially useful as a dry cutting system can which be used just hours after the concrete finishing process has been completed.

Soff Cut machines are small and light so can be used within hours of the slab being finished or the next morning. The core technology is comprised of a Soff-Cut blade and a Skid Plate. The blade cuts in an up-cutting rotation – when combined with the skid plate, it applies pressure to the surface, thereby preventing any possible chipping. The application of Soff Cut technology is generally best used in cases where concrete requires early care around the control joints /expansion cuts.

The system cuts dry so will not interrupt other areas with water and is easily swept clean. Soff cut can also be used to cut a decorative design onto the slab incorporating the expansion joints.

Why do concereters use Soff Cut?

  • It leaves no slurry stains on finished concrete
  • No slurry collection costs (and less EPA problems)
  • No need for on-site water
  • The risk of random cracking is drastically minimised

Advantages of using Soff Cut

First, Soff Cuts are generally installed before any significant stresses occur. This means that the risk of cracking is greatly reduced. Second, the process is quite clean. The blade is enclosed for safety, and the system comes with dust and noise control systems. In addition, since no water is used, there is no slurry cleanup, no slurry collection costs, and no hassles from the EPA!

In addition, Soff Cuts are shallow, which allows for maximum aggregate interlock. Finally, cutting is generally complete before the final curingprocess has commenced, making Soff Cuts a fast, clean and easy solution.

Sawcut Soff Cut Techniques

  • Time the cuts within the 'green zone' (1 to 2 hours after finishing, and before the final set
  • Operate the saw at half the normal forward speed, allowing the blade to remain cool and cut faster
  • Change the skid plate every time a new blade is added
  • Always use joint protectors at saw joint intersections, and also at saw drive wheel locations

The Soff Cut Advantage

If relying on conventional concreting methods, random cracks can often occur after the concrete is finished but before the control joints get cut. With the Soff Cut system, the concrete can be cut around 1-2 hours after finishing – well before the concrete fully hardens. The end result is less risk of random cracking and a higher overall quality in your finished product.

Besides reducing work time, our Soff Cut system is also better for the environment, with much less dust to deal with and no slurry to clean up. After cutting, expect just a small bit of dry powder on either side of the cut, which can be swept up in seconds. In the Brisbane area, Soff Cut technology is often used in commercial buildings (like factories or commercial centres), motorways and even airport runways.

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