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Road Saw

Sawcut Concrete Cutting is one of the leading concrete cutting contractors in the Brisbane area, specialising in a range of services including road sawing, which is also known as floor sawing.

In Brisbane, the road saw is most often used in roadway restoration projects. Using road saws is widely regarded as one of the fastest ways to remove sections of a road whie at the same time maintaining the structural integrity of the larger slab.

Using superior high precision output equipment, our expert team can cut through everything from heavily reinforced concrete to asphalt, with speed and precision. Try us out for yourself to see how our road saws cut through concrete slabs like butter, and our working process is among the most cost efficient in the region.

In Brisbane, we are renowned for our work on external horizontal surfaces like roads and pavements, producing out signature clean edges with crisp efficiency. Our road sawing systems are frequently deployed for the following:

  • Control joint cutting in freshly poured concrete
  • Removal of damaged asphalt pavement sections
  • Highway and runway repairs or upgrades
  • Cutouts for new driveway approaches
  • Exterior upgrades and repairs

Key features of Sawcut Floor Sawing

Our road saws typically will have a blade with a diameter of 450-900mm, although our bigger blades will allow for deeper and faster cuts. The height of the blade starts just above the pavement, slowly lowering as the blade cuts into the substrate until the desired depth is reached. Once the cut is finished, the blade gets raised out of the cut and moved on to the next cutting location.

In most cases, attached to the cutting cart will be a water tank that feeds the blade and reduces any dust. This is because dry cutting can eject razor sharp shards as the blade spins, while also emitting large clouds of potentially toxic dust – not to mention the reduced service life of a blade, after it is allowed to frequently overheat.

  • Extremely precise cutting of both concrete and asphalt
  • High-powered, state-of-the-art equipment
  • Dust free, with low vibration levels during jobs
  • We stock multiple blade types to meet the needs of every application

Brisbane's Road Saw Professionals

As just one of our myriad concrete cutting services, our floor sawing team is ready for floor sawing jobs applicable for all construction purposes. Our floor saws are self-propelled, which provides an economical and efficient means for cutting all types of horizontal concrete structures like roads, runways, pavements and driveways.

Among all Brisbane contractors, we operate the most impressive range of concrete cutting equipment from the industry's most respected brand names – in order to ensure the highest quality results for our customers.

Sawcut Concrete Cutting are Brisbane's specialists in not only floor sawing, but also many other projects within the local concrete cutting industry. We serve both commercial and industrial clients and offer a range of services beyond floor sawing. These include: concrete cutting, confined space cutting, concrete slab cutting, suspended slab cutting ,roadway cutting, brick deck cutting and much more.

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