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Hand Saw / Wall Saw

Concrete and asphalt are quite hard surfaces that need something even harder, to cut through. In the past, diamond blades were developed using natural diamonds. Today, modern concrete saw blades typically use synthetic diamonds. These are specially engineered for the most effective and precise cutting possible.

Concrete hand sawing is an ideal method for jobs that involve cutting thin concrete floors, walls, pipes or blocks. Around the Brisbane area, our hand-held saws give the portability, accessibility, and speed needed on demanding job sites – especially ones with tight spaces to deal with.

Wall Saw essentials

Wall sawing uses a circular blade fixed to a track-mounted machine and is typically used to make precise cuts in doorways, vents, window openings and other types of concrete structures. Machines are lightweight, portable, dustless and vibration-free. The specially formulated blade does not cause any structural damage, and in most cases needs very little patching. Conveniently, wall saws can be used in areas that are inaccessible for slab saws.

Our diamond wall saw blades are made up of a circular steel core affixed with diamond segments. The blade is mounted onto the wall saw's spindle, which runs along the wall saw track.

Typical applications include:

  • Cutting precise door or window openings in various materials (like concrete, granite, or brick)
  • Cutting up to 48" thick concrete if both sides of the walls are accessible
  • Cutting vents and similar type openings
  • Cutting vertical walls and steep inclines where slab sawing can not be done

Types of Sawcut Hand Saws

Our hand saws offer premium maneuverability and are versatile options that suit a wide variety of applications. In general we deploy two types of machines:

  • Petrol powered hand saws: our petrol-powered demolition hand saw can cut to a depth of 150mm; our petrol powered ring saw can cut to a depth of 250mm. Before each job, our staff will assess the parameters of the job in order to deploy the perfect equipment for that particular case.
  • Electric powered hand saws: these are most often used for cutting trenches into existing walls and floors, usually to allow new connections to be seamlessly installed.

Brisbane's concrete cutting professionals

Hand sawing is just one of many premium services that we offer. If you're undecided about which contractor to choose for your concrete cutting projects, here are some reasons why Sawcut Concrete Cutting is your best option in Brisbane:

  • Highly skilled contractors: our specialty contractors carry out concrete drilling and sawing services as true experts in the field. Our team knows the best techniques and equipment to ensure the most cost effective cutting process possible.
  • Diamond cutting systems: we use diamond cutting systems because they provide significant advantages over conventional methods. These advantages will vary (depending on the scope of the project), but typically include less down time, more precise cutting, plus much less noise, dust and debris. Tech advancements in recent years have revolutionised the concrete cutting industry, and our team is at the forefront of the learning curve.

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