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Core Drilling

Core Drilling is used to precisely drill circular holes in reinforced concrete – generally to create holes in walls, concrete blocks, paved slabs and asphalt. Concrete core drilling is used in plumbing, residential cabling, for drainage slab holes in roadways, and many other uses.

Sawcut Core Drilling Methods

In Brisbane, Sawcut Concrete Cutting are experts at using core drilling techniques on both reinforced and non-reinforced concrete surfaces. Here are just a few of the hallmarks of our fully insured and very carefully thought out Core Drilling procedure:

  1. Use less water: using wet diamond core bits with as little water as possible allows more efficient grinding down of concrete surfaces. Using too much water can wash away grit, which prevents the diamonds from getting exposed. Sawcut technicians tend to use just enough water so that the slurry comes out looking like milky tea.
  2. Use the right diamonds: choose a diamond type that matches the application will ultimately save both time and money. Before jobs, our technicians carefully consider the material to be drilled, and also particular diamond bond specifications of core bits. Choosing too soft a bond can prematurely wear away the diamond, while one too hard can drastically increase drilling time. For reinforced concrete, we suggest a soft diamond matrix. For softer materials, consider using a hard diamond matrix for best results.
  3. Effective pressure: maintaining steady and even pressure during core drilling jobs is vitally important. The proper amount of pressure will prolong the life of the core bit; using too little pressure will cause the diamond to glaze over; inconsistent pressure can cause the drill bit to glaze over. On the flipside, using too much pressure can overload the drill, inflicting damage to either the drill motor or core bit.
  4. Speed and power: setting the drill motor at the right Revolutions per Minute (RPM) is essential for efficient grinding and to prevent glazing diamond segments. As a general rule, smaller diameter core bits require higher RPMs. Regarding power, underpowered drills will overheat, while overpowered ones will cause increased abrasion and diamond segment glazing.

Core Drilling Services in Brisbane

Sawcut's core drilling services are used in Brisbane and the surrounding areas for a number of applications, in plumbing, electrical work, steamfitting and much more. Our field technicians maintain a large selection of drill bits (some large enough for wastewater piping), which means we are capable of handling small residential jobs, heavy-duty industrial core drilling jobs and everything in between.

We maintain an impressive collection of the latest diesel, electric, hydraulic, and gas concrete core drilling systems, while our fully loaded service vans can reach all parts of Brisbane and the surrounding areas for jobs large and small.

Our trucks carry a range of different diameter drilling bits, plus a number of hand held core drills (used for small holes or in spaces where drilling rigs cannot be operated).

Sawcut Concrete Cutting also works with a number of respected Brisbane plumbing and electrical contractors. As a result, we can easily integrate them into the construction process to run pipes or conduits through the holes that our team drill. We also have some experience working with utility contractors, helping them to core through manholes and pipes.

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