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Professional Concrete Cutting Services in Brisbane

Sawcut Concrete Cutting is a family owned and run business servicing Brisbane and surrounding areas, we strive to deliver a fast, professional and safe service at a competitive price.

When you hire Sawcut Concrete Cutting you are getting fully trained and experienced operators who will find the best cutting technique for your job.

Sawcut Concrete Cutting is fully insured with all operators and tools meeting Workplace health and safety requirements.

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We service the Brisbane metro-wide area from Ipswich to the Gold Coast.

Local Service, World Class Expertise

For no-nonsense concrete cutting services in the greater Brisbane area, the professionals at Sawcut have got you covered. We have the equipment, experience and knowhow to deliver the right cut with the best machinery available, regardless of the surroundings.

Our prices are extremely competitive, giving you excellent value every time.

We aim to make Sawcut Concrete Cutting the #1 service of its kind in Brisbane by putting our customers first, delivering the right cuts according to a simple flat-rate pricing method with zero additional charges. Our expert local team is adept at all types of concrete cutting, whether through road saw, hand or wall saw, the Soff Cut system or core drilling, and our cutting professionals are always ready to determine which solution is right for the situation.

We’re so experienced at cutting that we’ve also cut our prices. Sawcut’s pricing policy includes:

  • NO additional charge for using special machinery. We use our own saws, and seek only to give our customers the full benefit of our modern equipment.

  • NO additional charge for waiting time. We understand that schedules are complex, and our priority is always to accommodate you as best we can.

  • Extremely low charge for travelling time. When we say we serve greater Brisbane, we mean it – and when we arrive, we are ready to work.

  • NO additional charge for overtime. We give every task our complete focus, and our only priority is to get the job done right.

The bottom line is that our simple pricing methods, local experience and independent business structure allow us to offer our customers a potential savings of up to 20-30 % off of similar services provided by our larger competitors.

For projects of all sizes, we at Sawcut deliver the expertise that comes with precise equipment, personal experience and a professional approach. For sawing into asphalt flooring, city roads, and runways, brick or granite, or nearly any other type of surface, our expertly maintained equipment can give you just the right cut while keeping the area clean and minimising nearby disruption.

Whether you need traditional cutting services, the drilling of accurate holes or the stabilisation of concrete just hours after the surface has been finished, our staff at Sawcut are on hand to answer your questions, come out for inspections, provide work estimates and put our team to the task.

For low-cost convenience in a concrete cutting service you can trust, contact our owner, John Barringer, at 0414 234 511. For online communication, visit our contact page and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Sawcut Concrete Cutting is your home for flexible, personal service at a very affordable cost. Get in touch with us today, and let us take care of the rest.

At Sawcut we are

We’re local

We service the Brisbane metro-wide area from Ipswich to Calboolture.
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Road Saw

For the cutting of concrete floors, roads, drive ways and paths.

Hand Saw / Wall Saw

For the cutting of concrete floors, brick, block and concrete walls.

Soff Cut

For the cutting of expansion joints in new concrete slabs.

Core Drilling

For the cutting of circular holes in concrete, brick and concrete block walls.